From New Zealand originally, around 3 years ago I moved to America from Australia and found myself living in sunny San Diego, Pacific Beach to be precise. I couldn’t believe how active and outdoorsy people were here, continuously taking advantage of the endless summers.

As I too become adapted to the San Diego lifestyle, I found myself and my skin taking on A LOT of sun damage. As flexible as I was, reaching my back to apply sunscreen was always impossible. Being a guy, asking another guy to apply lotion on you, isn’t the most ideal situation when you’re out on the bay. The problem was, such a large amount of skin not being properly covered, I had to do something about it.

That’s why I invented The Back Mate.

The Back Mate is a non-absorbent microfibre band that allows you to apply any lotion to your back, with no help. This soft stretchable velvet matches the contours of your body while evenly applying your chosen product. 


The Back Mate not only protects you from those harsh summer rays but lets you live days doing what you love, with no limits.